We are all shocked and saddened at NCCWN by the murder of Ashling Murphy.

This is a reminder that no woman is safe until all women are safe. More needs to be done for the safety of women and girls, the health of our communities must always be a priority. Violence finds its roots in the normalisation of women’s objectification in the media, in our every day language when we say “boys will be boys”, when we casually victim blame, but also in austerity which has taken hold of our communities leaving women most vulnerable to its long-term impact in a variety of ways. Action has been promised in the wake of this tragedy but we will need to scrutinise those promises to make sure that they address the root causes of gender-based violence.

Our heartfelt condolences to Ashling’s family, friends and students. #niunamenos Not One Less!


No woman is safe until all women are safe

by Sinead Doherty time to read: 1 min