The vision of the NCCWN is a just and equal society for women


Women’s Collective Ireland is a national women’s community development organisation advancing marginalised women’s equality through women’s
community development. Women’s Collective Ireland represents and works directly with women experiencing disadvantage, through our 17 Grassroots
Women’s Community Development Projects and National structures.

Women’s Collective Ireland has a unitary legal structure, which requires particular governance and creates specific obligations nationally and locally.


An Ireland where women in all our diversity are flourishing.


To support grassroots women1 through collective and practical actions to achieve their full human rights and true equality.


Women’s Collective Ireland supports grassroots women through women’s community development locally and nationally.

Women’s Collective Ireland’s work on the ground is central and fundamental. It shapes all our collective actions. The national work derives from and advances the work of our community development projects supporting grassroots women’s empowerment.

Women’s Collective Ireland work directly with women on the ground from disadvantaged communities, to build women’s confidence and self-esteem through Feminist Community Education.

The Women’s Collective 17 local Projects are best placed to identify and respond to the specific needs of grassroots women in their communities and
each of them have developed a unique programme of work with women.

Our work continues to evolve in response to the needs identified by grassroots women.

We work to make real connections in order to ensure voice and visibility of grassroots women.

To us, GRASSROOTS WOMEN is a term used for women living in often working-class, marginalised, rural and urban communities, who experience exclusion for whatever reasons including economic, cultural, social and political exclusion.


The vision of WCI is an Ireland where women in all our diversity are flourishing.

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